Eyecare - Robbins Eye Center

Continuity of Care

At the Robbins Eye Center, we are dedicated to providing our patients with a lifetime of healthy vision and we have the resources, expertise and experience to provide you with complete continuity of care as your needs evolve. As one of the leading eye care facilities in the northeast, we have the unique ability to provide our patients with comprehensive care from routine eye exams, to early diagnosis and treatment of eye and vision problems, through surgical care in an outpatient surgery center. Our goal is to provide you and your family the best possible vision throughout your lifetime.

The Value of Prevention

Each year, many people experience a decrease in vision due to progressive diseases or conditions of the eye. In many cases, there are no symptoms indicating something is wrong, as with glaucoma. The best way to insure the health of your eyes is with thorough examinations on a regular basis.

Dr. Robbins recommends that healthy people under forty should have an eye examination every two years. People who are over forty face an increased incidence of several conditions that can jeopardize sight; therefore, an eye examination every year is strongly recommended.

The Benefit of Convenience

New patients are welcome and appointments are immediately available. Dr. Robbins believes that no one should have to wait weeks or months to obtain medical care and we at the Robbins Eye Center take great pride in our ability to accommodate our patient’s needs.