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Contact Lenses

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In almost all cases, our prices are better than the major online retailers.

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Contact Lens Exams

Initial Contact Lens Fitting Exam Prices 

First Responders

$80 per exam
  • Special Price for First Responders

Basic Fitting

$125 per exam
  • For patients with little-to-no astigmatism.

Toric Fitting

$145 per exam
  • For patients with astigmatism.

Monovision Fitting

$150 per exam
  • For patients who don’t want to wear reading glasses. One eye is corrected for near, the other for distance.

Multifocal Fitting

$175 per exam
  • Also for patients who don’t want to wear reading glasses. Both eyes are corrected for distance and near.

Specialty Contacts

Call for Pricing
  • Rigid gas permeable, piggy-back systems, hybrid contact lenses, scleral contact lenses.

All fitting exams include:

  1. Glasses prescription (good for 1 year)
  2. Contact lens prescription (good for 1 year)
  3. Contact lens insertion and removal training as needed
  4. A contact lens starter set
  5. Free 1-month supply of contacts
  6. Up to 3 months of follow-up care as needed