When it comes to wearing contacts, healthy habits mean healthy eyes. Follow these tips to help prevent eye infections.

Your Habits

  • Wash and dry your hands before touching
    your contacts.
  • Don’t sleep in your contacts (unless your eye
    doctor tells you it’s OK).
  • Avoid wearing contacts while showering,
    swimming, or using a hot tub.

Your Gear

  • Rub and rinse your contacts with solution each
    time you clean them. Never use water or spit!
  • Never store your contacts in water.
  • Replace your contacts as often as your
    eye doctor says.
  • Rub and rinse your case every day with solution, dry with
    a clean tissue, and store upside down with the caps off.
  • Get a new case at least every three months.
  • Only use fresh disinfecting solution in your case—don’t
    mix new with old.
  • Use only the solution your eye doctor tells you to use.

Your Eye Doctor

  • Visit your eye doctor once a year—
    or more often if needed.
  • Ask questions about how to care for your
    lenses and case.
  • Take out your contacts and call your
    eye doctor if you have eye pain, red eyes,
    or blurred vision.

Always Be Prepared!

  • Carry a pair of glasses in case you need to take out your contacts.